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Join thousands of others who have passed the Pediatric Boards on their first try using our simulation software. Save time and money by replicating the actual exams in their computer based format. The questions include coverage of all 2014 American Board of Pediatrics Body of Knowledge The major content areas covered by the exam for The Pediatric Boards are as follows:

Growth and Developmental Milestones
Nutrition and Nutritional Disorders
Preventive Pediatrics
Poisoning and Environmental Exposure to Hazardous Substances
Fluid and Electrolyte Metabolism
Genetics and Dysmorphology
Allergic and Immunologic Disorders
Infectious Diseases
Metabolic Disorders
Endocrine Disorders
Gastrointestinal Disorders
Respiratory Disorders
Cardiovascular Disorders,
Blood and Neoplastic Disorders
Renal Disorders
Genital System Disorders
Neurologic Disorders
Musculoskeletal Disorders
Skin Disorders
Collagen Vascular and Other Multisystem Disorders
Disorders of the Eye
Ear Nose and Throat Disorders
Adolescent Medicine and Gynecology
Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness
Substance Abuse
Disorders of Cognition
Language, and Learning, Behavioral and Mental Health Issues
Psychosocial Issues and Problems
Critical Care, Emergency Care
Research and Statistics
Ethics for Primary Pediatricians
Patient Safety and Quality Improvement

 Sample pediatric Board review questions of the day (from our simulator)

1. A physician prescribes Myochrisine for a patient. What do you think are some of the diseases this patient might have and what is another name for this drug?
a) Myochrisine, also called Sodium Thiomalate, is used to treat anemia
b) Myochrisine, also called Auranofin, is used to treat leucopenia
c) Myochrisine, also called Sodium Thiomalate, is used to treat thrombocytopenia
d) Myochrisine, also called Sodium Thiomalate, is used to treat all of the above

Answer: d
Explanation: Sodium Thiomalate, also called Myochrisine is used to treat leucopenia, thrombocytopenia, and anemia.

2. A 4-year-old boy has short stature, no thumbs, microphthalmia, and horseshoe kidney. Laboratory analysis reveals the following values:

Hemoglobin = 7.0 g/dL
Reticulocyte count = 0.3%
WBC count = 2,000/mm3
Platelet count = 37,000/mm3
The most likely diagnosis is:

a.Iron deficiency anemia
b.Fanconi anemia
c.Diamond-Blackfan anemia
d.Dyskeratosis congenita

Ans: B

Ans: Fanconi anemia is a congenital disorder of DNA repair associated with the anomalies outlined in the question. It is also associated with a pancytopenia that is not present frequently at birth or during infancy but develops during childhood. The risk for the development of malignancy is increased.

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